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Friday, October 28, 2016

Thinking of Autumn

Weather-wise, this has been an unusual year. In Tennessee it has stayed very warm right through October, a time when we expect cool temperatures and maybe even an overnight frost. I have written poems about the seasons many times. Growing up in New England, and being out in the weather most of my youth, the weather and seasonal changes became an integral part of my focus in life. We waited for the first snow, the horrible ice storms, the hurricanes, the hot summers, and varied our lives accordingly. Living in Tennessee has created a distance between me and those extremes of weather, yet, I still cannot seem to lose my fascination with the changes in seasons.

Here is a poem from my upcoming book "When My Feet Were Small" which is about...yes, the changes of seasons.

Summer Wanes

Summer wanes
now the trees grow restless
shedding their summer fashion
and crickets hum a
softer hum
estranged apart
few cicadas cling tenuously
to the branches now
the birds too sense the drift
like a great thirst
spending more
and more
time on the ground
heads bent to grasp
what bugs remain
like bees at the dying bits of flowers
frantic to capture summer’s last honey
before winter descends
and cold becomes their only thought
though yesterday they owned the air
and all was theirs for the taking...
do they wonder why
summer abandons  
neither looking back
nor caring what she leaves
in her shadow...
(Kathleen E. Fearing ©2016)