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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A New Book of Poems

I have recently published a new, small book of poems I've titled "A Cracklin' Wind, Celtic Dreaming". It can be found at  I've dedicated this book "to all the passionate Celtic poets the world over, those who are gone, and those still with us. To quote Anam Cara, (which, in Gaelic, means 'soul friend') A Book of Celtic Wisdom, by John O'Donohue, "All throuogh Celtic poetry you find the color, power, and intensity of nature. How beautifully it recognizes the wind, the flowers, the breaking of the waves on the land."

Here is a poem from that book, one of my favorites.

Salty Mist

What is this mist that follows me
wherever I am,
that smells of salt
and rings with cries of gulls
and roaring surf,
that pulls at the rhythm of my body,
my life,
swelling one moment,
retreating the next,
washing away a tense day,
healing wounds?

What is this salty mist
that lives in my blood,
as if I were born on its waves?
And though it is not on my horizon,
still, its song, its salty mist,

©2016 Kathleen E. Fearing