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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Here's a poem from my recently published book "Life Flow", available at

One More Night
 ©2015 Kathleen E. Fearing

A sweater from the dark end of
my closet, the one I haven’t worn
since the trees were spring bare, warms
my shoulders again; outside on the deck,
friends brush fallen leaves from their chairs;
rising smoke from a small fire keeps  
mosquitoes at bay – the ones hanging on,
hoping to feel life-giving sun
on their faint wings again; close by,
a lone cricket cricks, we turn
to search the wall of trees,
as if we could find its elusive hiding spot;
over the fire a log crackles
and spits recalling
July’s fireworks; yellow and red flames
stab the darkness –
darkness that comes too early now;
small dots of  laughter punctuate
the chill night air – laughter subdued
by knowing another summer
has slipped away; we sip our wine while
a heavy lull in conversation betrays
our longing, like the lingering mosquitoes,

for one more summer night.