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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Excerpts From Two of My Books

What follows are excerpts from two of my books, good stories that have something to say to young people. "Heart Songs" ( is about letting go, self-discovery, and understanding other people's pain. "Adisa's Basket" ( is about family bonds, overcoming fear, and finding courage in the face of impossible odds.

Also, both stories encourage taking responsibility for one's own actions, and the consequences of them.

From "Heart Songs":

"Flashback ... I was three or four years old,
had lost my temper,
stomped my feet,
threw my things.

Dad said I'd better stop or he'd
sell me to the Indians ... cheap.

Rhiannon took me in her arms,
gave me laughing, slurpy neck kisses,
whispered in my ear,

Breathe in deeply, Brigid,
now out slowly.

Said things that frightened me...

There's something inside you searching for
its freedom ... trying to escape. Don't be

Rhiannon believed in inner voices,
things she couldn't see.
I said I wasn't scared,
then had dreams of ghosts inside me."

From "Adisa's Basket":

"Weaving Songs"

"As I wove,
 a song came from inside me,
humming up from my soul...
Around me sat
the women of the village.

Pain crippled my fingers.
I took Afia's hands in mine,
showed her how to weave the magic;
together we hummed and moved as one,
up and down,
back and forth.

I remembered the women,
that great circle of life -
     a life we would never know again.

After a few minutes I had to stop,
my fingers too wounded to continue."