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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Just Be

I've been thinking lately about the direction, the purpose of my writing. I've loved writing for children. It has allowed me to speak directly to young people about what I feel is important in life: self-respect, respect for others, love, family... And I have at least one more book I've started that I want to finish - about young children caught up in the Civil War. There is a certain excitement about war, I believe, that is attractive to young people. The reality, though, far surpasses anything they could possibly have dreamed. And this is what I want to focus on in this book. 

My future writing will most likely focus on poetry. It grabs my heart like no other form of writing. Below is a poem I've just written - still a work in progress, but it has potential, I think. Its message: be who you are. Just be.

The Randomness of Weeds

I love the randomness of weeds,
the way their hair blows in the wind
sticking out from the corner of
my garden shed,
hiding at the feet of my roses,
or anywhere they choose
without asking permission,
laughing into the summer air,
and if they had feet, I’m sure,
they would run and play as children
not needing approval,
turning their heads to the sun and,
even if chopped to bits
they come back again,
and again,
and I want to be like the weeds
not caring,
just being
wherever I want to be,

just being.