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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Poetry In Motion

When I first began writing poems I found myself questioning whether or not what I was writing was any good. But that did not stop me. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. Now, six books of poems later (I still find that incredible), I've come to a very important conclusion. My poems, like my stories and other writing, may not be of the Nobel Prize ilk, but they are mine. And if I had held off writing or publishing my work because I didn't think them worthy of someone else's praise, I never would have found the peace and satisfaction I have now. There are so many different types of poetry that grace our book stores and libraries that I find it impossible to put poetry into one standard category. Just like literature differs from writer to writer - Shakespeare to Hemingway, etc. - so does poetry differ from poet to poet - Yeats to T.S. Elliot. My belief has always been be yourself, do your own thing. There is always room for critique, for constructive criticism, and we should always leave ourselves open to suggestion from other writers. They have helped me see my writing in a different light - a second or third set of eyes, so to speak. But trying to write like someone else is fruitless. You, as a writer/poet, must find what it is that makes your writing unique. What makes your writing your own? It comes from your own soul, no one else's.

Here's a sample from my latest book of poetry "Just Yesterday, Poems From Another Life", published by GJ Publishing of Loudon, Tennessee:

Same As Always

Flowers nod their summer heads,
same as always.

Breeze filters thru drowsy maple leaves,
as it will.

Sun heats my face.
Rain coats my skin,
the same
the same…

Yet –  

Somewhere in the shadows
I hear
the lightness of
a young girl’s
impulsive laughter,
nights expecting the right
to tomorrow,
days without lingering doubts
or the heavy dread that
I haven’t done enough…

everything’s the same
everything’s changed.

©2014 Kathleen E. Fearing - All Rights Reserved