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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Decisions - At My Age

All I can say is "Yikes!" Even though I'm in my late 60's, I'm still making decisions as to what I want to do with my writing - style and length, stuff like that. You would think that by this stage of my life I would have made that decision. But, no. The problem is - always has been - that I want to do everything. The realization is that I cannot do well all that I want to do. Explanation: recently, I have been thinking about changing some of my stories into plays. I have written one play - one that I do like. But the reality of playwriting is that (to me anyway) it is very labor intensive. Writing does not flow. It is stop and go, stop and go. So many questions have to be answered as you write. For instance, where are the characters now? What are they doing? Standing, sitting, dancing, posturing, yelling...  All of that is written down so the actor knows what the writer intended. I get tired just thinking about it. But I do love the drama, the raw emotion of a stage play. It is basic. It is immediate. It is being played out right in front of you by real people, not just characters on a page. So, this afternoon as I sat on my porch, I asked myself, "Self, what is it that you really enjoy doing?" The answer came to me clearly and without hesitation. Yes, I do enjoy the drama of a play, but, no, I don't want to write them. What I really enjoy is writing poetry and stories in verse for young people. The problem is, when tomorrow comes I may change my mind. But, hey, life is short, and I say, if you want to try something, do it now because there is no guarantee of tomorrow. Do it! You might just find your bliss.