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Friday, November 29, 2013

Thoughts of Autumn

I miss Autumn...the smell of fallen leaves, the noise of birds and squirrels racing to prepare for what is now, and perhaps, if animals do, dreading the cold struggle to survive. I miss Autumn...the sun low in the sky, yet warm and friendly, not yet dulled by December. There is a certain mystery, a foreboding of things to come. It is exciting, yet forces a heightened sense of loss: lost flowers and the ease of just being, without having to fight the weather.

Here's a poem. 

Around The Corner
(© 2013 Kathleen E. Fearing)

Twilight leads me out,
away from the familiar,
down an unknown path that twists 
like a wild vine,
out of sight,
lace-thin leaves, starved
by Fall, rustle like crinoline dresses on
excited girls,
a music born of age
and frost,
stirring in me a childlike curiosity,
a murmured invitation,
as the Rabbit to Alice, 
to seek what might be  
just there,
around the corner,
through the nameless
tangled mess,
to the other side
where I cannot see
but, must go.