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Friday, February 1, 2013

Thoughts in the Wake of New Life

My time and attention has been taken up by the expectation and then birth of a new grandchild in the family. This makes for fertile material for poetry and stories. My mind wanders to the elementary emotions of my youth, my life. Here's a poem for one of those elementary but strong emotions connected to birth and life in general.

Surf By Night
(Kathleen E. Fearing 2013,
all rights reserved.)

Surf by night
becomes an invisible
lapping against the
dark, wet sand,
enticing me with its hypnotic,  
whispered warning,
‘Stay back,
humans don’t belong here
And I want
more than life
to follow the whisper
back to the soft,
quiet warmth,
the bed of life’s beginning,
hearing only my mother’s
heartbeat in rhythm
with mine, suspended,