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Monday, October 8, 2012

Being affected by what you read

As an avid reader and writer, what I write is genuinely affected by what I read. Recently I've been reading a woman journalist's account of the war in Syria. Below is a poem I've written in response to an amazing woman's first-hand accounts of that war.

 (A response to the eye-witness accounts of Journalist and author Samar Yazbek of Syria and her recent book “A Woman in the Crossfire: Diaries of the Syrian Revolution”, Haus Publishing, 2012.)

Syria, 2012

A blanket of fear
smothers the world
making it gasp for air under
the terrible weight of war
invading the sacred peace of lovers –
the innocent eye
that once looked toward the sun with hope
turns in fear from what
it cannot bear to see –
mothers who nurtured their children inside them,
who sang to them and wiped their tears,
now search for their bodies in the streets
finding only senseless, bloody horror –
where are the leaders who
promised to protect, to educate, to honor life?
They are all in hiding,
their promises forgotten,
holding out for power;
and the poets ask
is all sanity lost
in the hellish labyrinth of war?