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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Writing, Changes and Fear

I've been working on a story for what seems like years to me now. The idea of a young girl searching for her identity as a Hopi Indian was, and still is, I think, a good idea for a story. But after I finished writing it, I was not excited, not moved the way I had been by other stories I'd written. So I knew there was something wrong. I considered this for awhile. What to do? How could it be better? The hesitation I felt about changing the story was fear. As a writer, you really have to get over that feeling - that resistance to changing what you've written for fear it will be lost, or that your original idea will be compromised or spoiled. But, actually, every writer must be able to change, to write their story from a different angle. It's not new to me. And, as I've found out, it works! There have been times when I've changed my story to be for a different age level, changed the dynamic and the focus of the story...just by leaving myself open to change. Don't be afraid of change. It's what life's about.