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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Projects

New projects!! Well, I'm actually going through some stories that I'd written some time ago and that were sitting there looking at me each time I opened up my "Works in Progress" file. I've been trying to finish one of them, but I'm up against a brick wall as to how it should end (I have several potentials). So I'm putting that one aside and have taken up another story, one that I dedicated to my cousin Janeen who died of cancer years ago. I've fictionalized her story but have woven her spirit throughout. I hope she would approve. The story is done, I just need to edit it and put in some details that ultimately make a story come alive. I like it and will probably be ready to release it soon. The other story - the one with several endings - will have its day, I know. It's just percolating on the back burner for now. Here's to 'new/old' projects finally coming to life!