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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Inspiration

There are only a few children's book authors that I will seek out to read, to listen to, to go to for advice. One of these is Jane Yolen. After listening to an interview she gave for PBS, I am once again inspired to write better, to scrutinize more closely my choice of words, and to think of my readers as more intelligent than I. She never writes down to children. Yolen's books always challenge young readers to imagine more, to stretch their minds, to read outside the prescribed "box".  She has an incredible website that has many pages and many gems of advice to writers, storytellers, teachers, and more. It's simply, . I have it bookmarked. You can even send her a message.

I must admit that when I lived in Massachusetts and reviewed children's books for the local newspaper, I had the opportunity to meet several children's book authors. Jane was among my favorites. She is down-to-earth, and very approachable. Patty MacLachlan is another (and very funny as well). And Yolen is as devoted an author as they come. You can see this plainly if you go to her website.

Let's all be better than we think we can be. Don't settle for good. Go for the best you can be.